2018 Countdown: Purdue Coach Jeff Brohm

How excited for the upcoming football season are you after watching those two clips of Jeff Brohm firing up his team before a game against Ohio State last season?

I’ve heard players talk about Brohm’s passionate pre-game speeches but getting a chance to watch two of them was a treat and got me fired up for the upcoming season; I’m just thankful I don’t have to sweat through summer workouts this month.

“That is such a great example of his personality,” Elijah Sindelar said while laughing. “He’s got probably the most passion I’ve seen from someone.”

After the video switches to Brohm punching his player’s shoulder pads, the voiceover switches to Purdue’s other quarterback, David Blough, raving about Brohm’s passion.

“He’s going to bring some intense energy to the sideline,” Blough added. “The players feed off of that. That’s just who he is. He would run through a wall for you, and it makes us as players want to run through a wall for him.”

While Brohm is usually mild-mannered during post-game press conferences and is level headed on the sidelines, it’s great to see this fiery side of him.

Another nugget from the video I can’t get enough of is Blough’s story about spending extra time watching video after a rough practice and Brohm had been living in his office.

“After our second practice, I had a bad day and I went in to watch some tape,” Blough explained in the clip. “I thought I was the only person in the building. It was about nine o’clock at night. Sure enough, a figure flashed across the door. It was Coach Brohm. He said, ‘let’s watch the film together.’ Then at about 9:45, he said, ‘hey, I need to go and brush my teeth.’ It was at that point that I realized he was sleeping in his office.”

Sleeping in your office despite making millions to coach? Talk about committed.

This 2018 Countdown segment on The Journey was fantastic and well worth the five minutes of your time.

If Gold and Black Days: Inside Purdue Training Camp is even a fraction this good – which I have no doubt that it will be – then the three episode series is going to be a huge treat for all Boilermaker fans.