Purdue Sending Two Quarterbacks To Chicago

Purdue is shaking things up by sending two quarterbacks, David Blough and Elijah Sindelar, to Chicago this weekend to represent the team at Big Ten Media Days next week.

Markus Bailey is the defensive player who earns the well-deserved nod.

Why is sending two quarterbacks a big deal? Because teams normally send their starting quarterback, top defensive player, and another player, likely a senior.

Purdue’s approach to sending two quarterbacks is unique because there are only six quarterbacks attending and two of them are repping Purdue.

My gut reaction is that Blough is being sent after his appearance last year was a highlight of the entire conference. Blough stole the show at the Big Ten Luncheon with his speech, and, as a returning senior, having him attend is a great way to send him off in his final season at Purdue.

It’s a classy gesture that gives Blough the proper sendoff as a senior that he’s earned and deserves.

But, having Sindelar attend, shows that there is still an open quarterback competition. More than that, it looks like Sindelar is the starting quarterback as long as he’s fully healthy.

Sindelar sat out the spring game, but that was anticipated as he rehabs from torn left ACL.

There’s no questioning Sindelar’s toughness – he played at least the Bowl game with the torn ACL – but, Blough has been a leader in Purdue’s locker room his entire time in West Lafayette. Having Blough start if he’s fully healthy could be huge for Purdue as they face a tough start to the season against a Northwestern team that won its final eight games of last season.

It could also mean that Sindelar doesn’t feel rushed while allowing Blough to start the first game of his senior season.

There’s also the reality that Jeff Brohm once again wants to give both quarterbacks chances to play in games this season. That strategy had mixed results early in the season, but with Sindelar and Blough both coming off season-ending injuries, it’s possible that Brohm hasn’t seen enough from either quarterback to secure QB1 status.

Or, this is just yet another smoke screen from Brohm to keep Northwestern guessing about how to scheme for their Week 1 matchup against Purdue.