Players Love Playing For Jeff Brohm

Last season while covering Purdue’s football team, one theme kept coming up: players love playing for Coach Brohm.

While at the handful of games I covered with media credentials, I asked players what they loved about playing for Jeff Brohm, and there was a wide range of answers, but without fail, each player had a great story and reason why they loved playing for him.

Above you can watch the video clip, and below is the transcribed quotes from each player in the above clip.

Markell Jones: “His style of coaching. Just the kind of person that he is. The charisma he has. He’s just a great guy overall and a great coach. The entire coach staff pushes you to be the best that you can be. Coach Barclay won’t take it if it’s not your best effort. They’ll make you try it over again. So, Coach Brohm and his staff, they’ve done a heck of a job getting us ready and really building men out of us.”

Da’Wun Hunte: “Man, all he wanna’ do is win. From the time he got here, and the way his system is, he’s a players coach. He takes great care of us. He makes sure we have everything we need. I couldn’t ask for a better coach. I’m just proud he was able to come here my Senior year and do something special for us.”

D.J. Knox: “He’s so fearless! It’s just like, everybody else sucks, and we going to stomp on them. Whenever I step on the field with Coach Brohm, I feel as though I’m going to win. Like 100% I believe that we are going to win. There’s no doubt in my mind. Like, that last drive when they kicked the field goal? I wasn’t nervous. Because I knew he was going to dial up something. He was going to cook up something that was going to get us a score and that’s what happened. So I just got a lot of faith in Coach Brohm and I’ll play to the end for him.

Danny Ezechuwku on Coach Brohm and Coach Holt: “They feed off of each other. Like, in practices and things like that, they aren’t afraid to go outside of the box and show each other different things that they may see in a game from another team, even if it’s ones-versus-ones, they aren’t afraid to put us in different situations, to play different defenses, that we may not even run in the game. They do that just to get us to learn ball. They want us to learn about football.  And really just be smart, tough, physical, football players. That’s what they preach on both sides of the ball. Coach Levine does the same thing on special teams. Everything is just really important with them. I really do appreciate that because it has a lot of young guys really focused and it will probably have us being good for years to come.”

Elijah Sindelar“He’s really preached about being one unit. Like, it’s within us. Everyone on this team is good enough to win games, and he’s really preached not bickering with each other when things don’t go our way. We had four turnovers I think before the ten-minute mark of the second quarter, but that’s on us.  The defense just kept on playing. They didn’t yell at us. They didn’t bicker at us. They stood behind us and they had our back. What a great team win.”