Markus Bailey Makes Athlon’s List Of 50 Most-Underrated College Football Players

Kudos to linebacker Markus Bailey for making Athlon’s list of the 50 most-underrated college football players.

It’s a great accomplishment for Bailey to get some national shine after he’s only really recognized by fans and media who follow Purdue.

It’s also the kind of thing that will help Bailey get some additional attention from NFL and CFL scouts heading into his junior season. While Boilermaker fans are hoping Bailey sticks around for a senior season – something that is likely as he’s not an elite NFL prospect yet – getting on the radar of scouts now is huge for his chances of playing professional football once he graduates.

As much of a college football junkie as I take myself as there were still a lot of names on this list that caught my attention. That’s why making this kind of list will be huge for Bailey heading into this season as he tries to get the attention of scouts.

Bailey is joined by Blessaun Austin from Rutgers, David Dowell from Michigan State, Joe Gaziano from Northwestern, Olive Sagapolu from Wisconsin and Antoine Winfield from Minnesota as the only defensive players from the Big Ten to make this list.

Bailey was the only linebacker from the Big Ten to make this list. De’Jon Harris from Arkansas, Oluwaseun Idowu from Pitt, Jim Jones from Kent State, David Long from West Virginia, Bobby Okereke from Stanford, David Reese from Florida, and Mook Reynolds from Virginia Tech (who was recently dismissed from the team). Being part of the select linebacker fraternity is a great accomplishment for Bailey.

The entire list of Big Ten players who made the list can be found on Athlon’s website.