Purdue Opening their Game Film Archives to the Public


Purdue University and SPARX Enterprises have reached an agreement to bring past and present game films to the public for the first time. For a fee, anyone will be able to get footage from men’s and women’s basketball, football and other sports.

The archives go all the way back to 1931, which means the public may get to watch such greats as John Wooden, Rick Mount, Bob Griese, Len Dawson, Glenn Robinson and Drew Brees. Prices for each game will depend on the era the footage is from.

  • Games from 1931 to 1960 will cost $120 per game
  • Games from 1961 to 1999 will cost $110 per game
  • Games from 2000 to present will cost $80 per game
  • You can also buy more than one at a discounted rate, but the site says that not everyone will qualify for the volume discount and not every game will be available for the discount.

Purdue will work with SPARX for the next five years to move all of their game footage, which is now stored in Lambert Fieldhouse, into the digital era.

If you are interested in purchasing these released game films, then head on over to FootballVideos.com and check out the selection they have for Purdue. Right now it seems they only have football footage, so I’m guessing basketball and other sports will be added at a later time.

(Source: Purdue Sports)