Quarterbacks: Number 3 Most Important Player/Unit


Caleb TerBush or Robert Marve? This might be one of the biggest(maybe THE biggest) fan debates in Purdue sports. One can make just as good of a case for Robert Marve as they can for Caleb TerBush. I’m purposely leaving Rob Henry out of this post since I don’t think he will play quarterback much this year unless there are injuries. He’ll be used as more of  a jack of all trades type player at slot wide receiver, running back, and most of his quarterback plays will probably be in the wildcat formation.Last year TerBush

The majority of Purdue fans are in either camp for TerBush or Marve and then there are a few that are in the middle, like myself. I just don’t think that the quarterback position has been Purdue’s biggest weakness and what they need to improve on the most. If other facets of Purdue’s offense didn’t perform average(wide receivers getting open) or terrible(offensive line not blocking and racking up penalties), Purdue’s quarterbacks probably would look a lot better.

I also don’t think one gives that much bigger of an advantage over the other. Each has their pluses that cancel out their minuses which equals average for both. With TerBush you’ll get someone who plays within the offense and makes smart decisions for the most part. Main negatives are he has been slow to recognize when plays break down and doesn’t have the play-making ability to get out of those broken plays. With Marve you get that play-maker who isn’t afraid to take chances and is gifted with the physical tools.  Negatives are he tends to play outside the offense and the mental part hasn’t caught up to the physical part. It was pretty concerning to myself when Gary Nord was quoted earlier this summer that just now in his 4th year at Purdue Marve is finally learning the playbook. When does it get to the point that the hype may not fully be there? Eventually he has to live up to it.

Regardless what side you are on or if you are in wait and see mode, the time is now for them to play to their capabilities. Purdue is lucky enough that they have three quarterbacks that have gotten significant playing time. I expect to see some big strides with TerBush now that he has started an entire year and got Purdue back to a bowl game for the first time since the Tiller years. I would also hope Marve knows the playbook and can use his given talent with that. Even though Purdue doesn’t use a true two quarterback system(2 QBs getting almost equal snaps), expect to see both get snaps during games. It’ll be in their hands to make this offense take it up a notch.