Purdue Football Player Arrested Over Weekend


Over the weekend Purdue football player Sean Collins was arrested outside Where Else? bar. Insert bad but true pun: Where else would this take place? When I first heard about it my first reaction was, “Who is Sean Collins?” Good reason I haven’t heard about him since he is a walk-on cornerback and non-contributor since 2009.

Most people probably saw he got arrested, didn’t recognize the name, and forgot about the story 5 minutes later. Unless you’re an IU fan or the Indy Star who probably made it headline news. However, the allegations are pretty serious. According to the story from WLFI.com, he was drunk outside Where Else? approached a group of people and then hit a girl in the face. Obviously, unacceptable. From that story:

"“I put my hand straight out and said please step back,” Fullerton said.Fullerton said Collins was so intoxicated, he fell down and said when he got up, he grabbed her arm and then struck her left cheek with his fist.“He hit me so hard that I hit the corner of the building I was standing by and scratched up my elbow then fell flat on the concrete,” Fullerton said."

After letting Dwayne Beckford back on the team after multiple transgressions, will Coach Danny Hope make a statement with Collins? Right now he is suspended pending further investigation. While I agree with only suspensions until all the facts come out (Antavian Edison case this summer is perfect example), this one seems like it is pretty cut and dry. After all, Collins is only a walk-on and sending a message would be an easy one.

Here is an interview with the girl who was struck from WLFI.com:

Woman speaks out after being punched by Purdue football player outside bar: wlfi.com