Simulating The Purdue Football Season In NCAA Football 13

facebooktwitterreddit will be simulating the 2012-13 college football season in NCAA Football 13, which came out today. In case you were sitting at home trying to figure out how to spend the next three weeks while you wait for the Olympics to begin, check back at every weekday at noon eastern to see the results.

We’ll be doing one game per day, but will simulate each game three times: once with Robert Marve at quarterback, once with Caleb Terbush at quarterback and once with Rob Henry at quarterback. Sorry Austin Appleby fans, we’ll hook you up when NCAA Football 14 comes out.

Tomorrow we’ll have the results of the first game – Sept. 1’s battle with Eastern Kentucky. The always important Notre Dame game will be Thursday. For now, here are some rankings to get you by.

Kawaan Short, the No. 9 player in’s “Top 10 Most Important Players/Units of 2012”, is the highest rated Boilermaker in the game with a 95 overall rating. Rick Schmeig is the second-best Boilermaker, with an 89 overall ranking.

Ralph Bolden’s 87 rating makes him the team’s highest-rated skill position player. He has a 90 in speed in 92 in acceleration as well.

Caleb Terbush is Purdue’s highest-rated quarterback, with an 84 overall and a 77 in speed. Rob Henry is No. 2, with an 83 overall and an 84 speed. Finally, Robert Marve has an 83 overall and a 72 in speed.

All three quarterbacks are in the top eight players on the team.

Overall, Purdue is an 87, with an 84 ranking in both offense and defense. The program is given a 3-star ranking. Wisconsin’s 99 overall makes it the best team in the game, with a 97 in offense and a 95 in defense. Michigan is the seventh highest-rated team in the game with 97 overall, 95 offense and 91 defense rankings.

Notre Dame is the game’s 12th-highest-rated team, with a 97 overall, and Ohio State is the 13th-best team, with a 95 overall.