Kawann Short: Number 9 on Most Important Players/Units


You’re probably thinking, “Why is the best player on the team so low on the list?” Reason I have Short here, is he is pretty much the most sure thing Purdue has on the team and is guaranteed to perform. Honestly, I almost didn’t even put him on the list since I wanted this to be more of a list of needs to perform or step up their game. After thinking about it, he is part of the important group since his play can affect so many other things on the defense.

Last year there were questions if Short was going to be able to repeat his Sophomore(RS) year with Ryan Kerrigan now graduated and not having most of the attention of offensive lines. I’d say he answered that as an emphatic yes. Short finished the year with 54 tackles( 17 for loss), 3 sacks, and a forced fumble and fumble recovery. He also impacted special teams with two blocked kicks.

Purdue has a history of a senior defensive lineman breaking out in their last years, and if that’s the case here, Short is in store for a special season. He is already projected as a 1st round pick in the 2013 NFL draft. At least at the beginning of the season he is going to have to deal with being double teamed. Hopefully our defensive ends can step to the point where teams can’t do that every single play. Short should be a run stopping force and he has the quickness to be a good pass rusher as well. Purdue is implementing a 3-4 defense this year(3 lineman, 4 linebackers) so you could see him at some defensive end.

Look for Short to have a big year and join a long line of former Purdue defensive lineman in the NFL

10) Raheem Mostert

9) Kawann Short