This past season Purdue's baseball team had what is probably their best season ..."/> This past season Purdue's baseball team had what is probably their best season ..."/>

Update on Purdue Baseball Players in Summer Leagues


This past season Purdue’s baseball team had what is probably their best season in the history of the program.  The Boilers finished with an overall record of 45-14; 17-7 in the Big Ten. This secured them an outright Big Ten Title and a one seed in the Big Ten Tournament which they went on to win. After being selected to host a regional in the NCAA Tournament they were eliminated from the tournament by the Kentucky Wildcats.

After the season ended some current players went on to try and carry that success onto summer leagues across the Midwest and the East Coast. The leagues you can find them in are the Midwest Collegiate League, the Prospect League, the Northwoods League, and what is the best summer league out there, the Cape Cod Baseball League. Cape Cod has the best current collegiate players and almost all are prospects for high to mid round draft picks. Sean McHugh is currently playing in it and being invited to play there is a huge honor.

Below is how each player is doing so far (Through 7/8/12):

Brett Andrzejewski- Waterloo Bucks in the Northwoods League: 9 Games Pitched, o Wins, 0 Losses, 5.95 ERA, 14.1 Innings Pitched, 5 Strike Outs, 5 Walks, 22 Hits given up

Kyle Bischoff- Richmond RiverRats in Prospect League: 20 Games, .219 Average, 16 Hits, 4 RBIs, 9 Walks, 13 Strike Outs

Joe Eichman- NW Indiana Oilmen in Midwest College League: 5 Games pitched, 1 Win, 2 Losses, 4 Saves, 4.67 ERA, 27 Innings Pitched, 20 StrikeOuts, 14 Walks, 28 Hits given up

Pat Gannon– Danville Dans in Prospect League: 11 Games Pitched, 0 Wins, 0 Losses, 2.25 ERA, 16 Innings Pitched, 15 Strike Outs, 7 Walks, 11 Hits given up

Brandon Krieg– NW Indiana Oilman in Midwest College League: 21 Games, .300 Average, 24 Hits, 9 RBIs, 11 Walks, 14 Strike Outs, 11 Stolen Bases

Sean McHugh– Yarmouth-Dennis Red Sox in Cape Cod: 13 Games, .310 Average, 9 Hits, 3 RBIs, 5 Walks, 10 Strike Outs

Bennett Oliver– NW Indiana Oilmen in Midwest College League: 20 Games, .296 Average, 24 Hits, 12 RBIs, 10 Walks, 17 Strike Outs, 7 Stolen Bases

Stephen Talbott– Willmar Stringers in the Northwoods League: 8 Games, .240 Average, 6 Hits, 1 Home Run, 7 RBIs, 4 Walks, 5 Strike Outs, 3 Stolen Bases

Kyle Upp– Quincy Gems in the Prospect League: 8 Games, .310 Average, 9 Hits, 4 RBIs, 3 Walks, 4 Strike Outs

Kyle Wood– NW Indian Oilmen in Midwest College League: 2 games, .273 Average, 3 Hits, 2 RBIs, 0 Walks, 0 Strike Outs.

Check back later this summer for a recap of how they performed during all of summer league play.