Arbitrator Sides With Drew Brees, He’s About To Get Paid

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The NFL CBA language was a bit murky, causing the case to go to the arbitrator. Brees was tagged twice with the franchise tag previously in San Diego, and the Saints believed the rule against giving someone their third “tag” applied only to the same team. Brees’s side countered that the rule meant regardless of team, a player can’t be tagged three times.

"“We are very pleased that that the arbitrator agreed with the NFLPA that the correct interpretation of the ‘third time’ Franchise Player designation in the CBA applies across clubs, and a player’s rights will not be unfairly hindered if different clubs designate him as a Franchise Player during his career.” the NFL Players Association said in a statement."

The ruling gives Brees more power in his contract negotiations with the Saints, as they’ll now be forced to pay him if they’d like to play him.

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