B1G/ACC Challenge Schedule and Predictions


The Boiling Point: Schedule and predictions for the B1G/ACC challenge.

Tomorrow is the start of the annual Big Ten vs ACC challenge. The following is the schedule and predictions for it. All start times are eastern.

Michigan at Virginia- 7pm on ESPN2: Scott-Mchigan, Leroy-Michigan, Zach- Michigan
Northwestern at Georgia Tech- 7:15pm on ESPNU: Scott-Northwestern, Leroy-Northwestern, Zach-Georgia Tech
Illinois at Maryland- 7:30pm on ESPN: Scott-Illinois, Leroy-Illinois, Zach-Illinois
Purdue vs Miami- 9pm on ESPN2: Scott-Purdue, Leroy-Purdue, Zach-Purdue
Iowa vs Clemson- 9:15pm on ESPNU: Scott-Clemson, Leroy-Clemson, Zach-Clemson
Ohio St vs Duke- 9:30pm on ESPN: Scott-O$U, Leroy-Ohio State, Zach- Duke

Penn State at Boston College- 7:15pm on ESPNU: Scott-Boston College, Leroy-Boston College, Zach-Boston College
Indiana at North Carolina State- 7:15pm on ESPN2: Scott-NC State, Leroy-Indiana, Zach-NC State
Michigan State vs Florida State- 7:30pm on ESPN: Scott-Michigan State, Leroy-Michigan State, Zach-Michigan State
Minnesota vs Virgina Tech- 9:15pm on ESPN2: Scott- Virginia Tech, Leroy-Minnesota, Zach-Virginia Tech
Nebraska vs Wake Forest- 9:15pm on ESPNU: Scott-Nebraska, Leroy-Wake Forest, Zach- Nebraska
Wisconsin at North Carolina- 9:30pm on ESPN: Scott-North Carolina, Leroy-North Carolina, Zach-Wisconsin

Scott-Big Ten wins 7-5
Leroy-Big Ten wins 8-4
Zach- Split 6-6

 What are your predictions for the challenge?