Purdue vs Most Hated Rival Preview and Predictions


The Boiling Point: Purdue vs our most hated rival (Iowa) preview and predictions.

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Purdue (5-5, 3-3) vs Iowa (6-4, 3-3): 12pm Eastern
Location: Ross-Ade Stadium, West Lafayette, Indiana
TV: Big Ten Network- Returning from last week are Tom Hart on play-by-play, Derek Rackley  having color duties, and Lisa Byington on the sideline.
Radio: Sirius channel 112, XM channel 191; Purdue broadcast- 96.5FM in Lafayette area-Tim Newton has play-by-play, Pete Quinn is color commentator, and Kelly Kitchel is on the sideline.
Fun Fact: With a win Purdue will be bowl eligible for the first time since 2007. Purdue and Iowa are now most hated rivals because the Big Ten said so.


Scott- Iowa brings a much more balanced attack than O$U. They are one of a few schools in the country that have a 1,000 yard running back in Marcus Coker and a 1,000 yard wide receiver in Marvin McNutt. I’d say utilize almost the same game plan Purdue had against O$U by stopping the run, and just let RicoIsland do his thing on McNutt. It’s senior day and the team should be pumped up and ready to go with a bowl game on the line. Purdue fans need to pack the stadium and help get this team to a bowl game. Purdue 24- Iowa 20

Zach- I think if Purdue can work on its shot selection offensively and defensively slow down the 3-point shooting of Oglesby and Gatens they sho…. oh, this is for football? It’s still football season? Well shoot, they really need to be wrapping this thing up already so that my Saturday basketball viewing schedule won’t be interrupted. Anyway, I’m scared to get back on the optimistic track, but I really feel like Purdue is starting to look like a Big Ten football team. A low-end Big Ten team, yes, but a Big Ten team nonetheless. And the thing about Big Ten teams is when they’re playing RIVALS at home they’re usually hard to beat. Purdue 31-Iowa 21

Leroy- I really, really don’t want to pick Purdue in this game. It seems like a big-time trap. Yeah, Iowa has been incredibly inconsistent (the Hawkeyes lost to Minnesota, who got CRUSHED by Purdue, yet beat Michigan who CRUSHED Purdue), but Kirk Ferentz has more talent and size on his roster. But the Boilers are playing in their final home game of the season (that means something mentally because the empty seats won’t make a difference) and are fighting for their bowl lives. All of that is going to lead to a competitive game. One that is going to be chalked full of disappointment. Or that’s me once again preparing myself for a punch in the gut. Purdue has been decent at proving me wrong this season, so let’s see if Hope and his boys can do it again. Iowa 27, Purdue 26

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