Podcast Cancelled This Week-Reader Discussion


The Boiling Point: Podcast is cancelled this week, so we’ll have discussion with our readers.

Due to the Purdue basketball game overlapping with our podcast time, we won’t be doing the podcast this week. Purdue probably should have checked with us to see if we were OK with the start time of the game before scheduling it, but nothing we can do now.

Since there is no podcast we’ll hold a discussion with all of you. In the comments below leave a question, statement, or anything and we’ll respond and can have a back and forth about whatever topic you want. If there’s a specific person you want to ask or mention put their name first.

Some topics we would have done on podcast but can now use here:

-Look back at O$U game
-Look at Iowa game and what are the key match ups?
-Who should be getting most of the playing time at quarterback?
-Should Donnie Hale redshirt?
-Who is going to hold down the 5 spot?
-Any general basketball stuff.

Leave your questions below and we’ll be happy to respond and have a back and forth talk about it.