Purdue Gets Trounced


The Boiling Point: The Boilers go down in Ann Arbor.

After what looked to be a promising start after the first drive, or even the first quarter, it all went down hill. Purdue went into The Big House and came out with a 36-14 loss. For the full box score you can click here. It was one of those games where pretty much everyone expected Purdue to lose, then are mad when it actually happened, but just the nature of the fan base. Brief bullet points of key reasons we lost:

-Offensive line couldn’t block
-No running game
-Couldn’t stop the run
-Defense couldn’t tackle
-Couple key momentum killers by missed calls on the refs
-Energy got taken out of Purdue by Michigan

Silver lining to this; Purdue has never had success in Ann Arbor with. I don’t know the exact number of years but we’ve won one game in at least 25 years at Michigan. Oh well, at the end of the day Purdue is 4-4, not 0-8 like everyone’s reaction seems to be. Two more wins and Purdue is finally going back to a bowl. Not likely to happen in Madison next week, but Ohio St, Iowa, and Indiana are all winnable if Purdue plays like they’ve shown they can.

Make sure to check out the Ten at Ten on Monday where I’ll go more into depth on the positives(few), negatives, and anything in-between.