Purdue Unranked In AP Poll


The Boiling Point: Purdue is un-ranked in AP Poll.

The Associated Press’ first mens basketball poll was released today. Just like in the coach’s poll, Purdue is un-ranked. They received 10 votes. The Big Ten teams that are ranked in this poll are O$U(3), Wisconsin(15), and Michigan(18). In addition to Purdue getting votes, Michigan St received 128 votes, Illinois 1 vote, and Minnesota had 1 vote as well.

This puts Purdue right where they was ranked in the unofficial Big Ten media poll. Much to Terry Hutchens dismay this means Indiana is not viewed as the 7th best team in the conference like he said. Maybe we’ll get the pleasure of him trying to defend the AP vote like he did his own vote.

The AP Top Ten
1)North Carolina
3)Ohio St.

To no one’s surprise the Big East gets ridiculous rankings and I’m sure once again the conference as a whole will flame out in the NCAA tournament, leaving around 3 teams who were ranked correctly. Too bad for ESPN that this is one of the last years the Big East will exist as it is.