Image Surfaces Of New Black Basketball Jerseys


The Boiling Point: An image of the new black basketball jerseys has appeared on

You can be the first of your friends to own a brand new Robbie Hummel jersey for just $75 from If that doesn’t do it for you, maybe you just care about the new black jerseys, which the website now shows. Like the gold jerseys, this has the image on the back, though what used to look like the engineering fountain on the gold jerseys now appears to be the outside of Mackey Arena. Regardless, expect to see these in bookstores soon. has the shorts for sale as well, just $60.

UPDATE: I just went to the bookstore and it is selling blank versions of this jersey in the “print your own” section of University Spirit. This actually worked out well, as I could look at the image on the back without a number obstructing it. I will say it’s hard to make out that it is supposed to be Mackey, but that hammers look cool at least.