Gene Keady Ranked 38th


The Boiling Point: Gene Keady Ranked 38th Most-Hated.

I really dislike Bleacher Report. They always post stories without checking facts and you can always expect a retraction once someone else points out how they’re wrong. However, this has to do with Purdue so I’ll share it. Bleacher Report came out with their top 52 most-hated figures in college basketball history. How they decided to go to 52, I don’t know. I guess when they got to 31, they just found 21 more. Former Purdue coach and legend Gene Keady was ranked 38th. Here is what they had to say:

"Gene Keady was a fierce sideline competitor at Purdue. He worked the referees almost as hard as the Boilermakers played on the court.Because of this and his great success, Keady drew the ire of most opponents’ fans."

That was a detailed description……Below is the top 10 in their opinion:

10) Joakim Noah
9) Dick Vitale
8) Greg Paulus
7) Steve Wojciechowski
6) John Calipari
5) Mike Krzyzewski
4) The Fab Five
3) Bob Knight
2) Christian Laettner
1) Dave Bliss

Maybe some bias in their by having 5 Duke people(including Dick Vitale) in the top 10.