Pictures Of New White, Gold Hoops Jerseys Coming Out


The Boiling Point: Pictures of Purdue’s new men’s basketball jerseys are appearing on the internet, despite no official announcement from Purdue yet.

Everyone seems to know Purdue will get new jerseys this fall for men’s basketball, yet Purdue has yet to hold an official “unveiling” yet. So fans are left waiting, wondering what they will look like. Luckily, pictures have slowly started to appear on the internet.

Today, this picture accompanied the Robbie Hummel story in the Journal & Courier:

As you can see, the new jersey features a gold “Purdue” across the front, though I really wish it was outlined in black or, more simply, just written in black. Unfortunately we can’t see the back of the jersey, though it supposedly looks like the one that appeared on the gold jersey in a picture leaked Friday on twitter:

Source: @BoilerNick on Twitter