New Orleans Media Getting Nervous About Brees’ Contract Situation


The Boiling Point: Media covering the Saints are beginning to worry that Drew Brees’ contract will not be renegotiated before the end of this season.

Former Purdue quarterback Drew Brees’ contract will expire at the end of this season, and despite agent Tom Condon being at Sunday’s Saints game in Jacksonville, there appears to be no progress being made in negotiating a new deal. columnist Jeff Duncan, like many Saints fans, is starting to wonder why there hasn’t been any progress.

"“Certainly, there’s no reason to panic, not with Brees signed through the rest of the season and the franchise free-agent tag still available at the Saints’ disposal next season. Negotiations always take time, especially one as big and complicated as this. But the clock is ticking, and the lack of progress is admittedly puzzling.”"

One such reason there may be a holdup in Brees’ getting paid is his age, according to ESPN Insider Pat Yasinskas:

"“Brees is 32 and that is a bit of an issue. If you really want to play hardball, you could make the argument that Brees is approaching the downside of his career and you shouldn’t pay a guy for past performance, when he already has been paid quite well for that. But the flip side of that is that Brees takes great care of himself. I very easily could see him having five or six more great years. Maybe even a few more beyond that.”"

Despite his age, Duncan said Brees’ is simply too valuable not to get a new contract. Not just a new contract, either. He deserves a huge contract:

"“If ever a Saints player was worthy of Brinks truck treatment, it’s Brees. He deserves to be the highest paid player in the NFL. He’s younger and healthier than Peyton Manning, more valuable than Tom Brady and just plain better than Michael Vick."

"He’s the most talented player in New Orleans sports history, and one of the most transcendent figures in pro sports. And he’s in his prime."

"No NFL player ever has reversed the fortunes of a franchise more dramatically than Brees. His impact has been unprecedented."

"The Saints’ winning percentage before Brees arrived was .403. Their winning percentage After Drew (A.D.) is .619. Before Brees, the Saints had won one playoff game in 39 seasons. A.D., they’ve won four in five seasons, including their first Super Bowl.”"