Marve Takes To Twitter In Self-Defense


The Boiling Point: Robert Marve has taken to Twitter to defend himself against “coach” Danny Hope’s allegations.

Purdue quarterback Robert Marve has gone to Twitter to defend himself after Danny Hope appeared to call him out to the media Sunday. On Sunday, in his usual day-after-the-game meeting with media, Hope said Caleb Terbush remained Purdue’s No. 1 quarterback, despite many fans clamoring for Marve to get the knod. Then he went on to seemingly throw the senior under the bus:

"“Robert made some great throws but didn’t manage the offense all that well. He ad-libbed some and got outside of the system when he didn’t have to. He missed some reps and meetings last week because he was sick. If he could stay within the system, he could be a difference maker for us. Caleb manages the offense very well and Robert doesn’t manage it as well.”"

Marve apparently wasn’t informed of Hope’s criticisms in Sunday’s practice, because Monday night he Tweeted:

A short while later, he appeared to receive some Twitter support from former Boilermaker Keith Smith:

Smith then apparently people were reading what he wrote, because he sent a sort-of backtrack moments ago:

Marve has since tried to defuse the situation with further Tweets to try to clarify, but it appears the damage may have already been done. will continue to keep you updated on this situation. And by that I mean we’ll keep Twitter-stalking these athletes.