Thumped – Notre Dame 38-Purdue 10


The Boiling Point: There really isn’t one. This was embarrassing.

I don’t really feel like writing much on this game because I finally just calmed down from last, so I’ll just give some bullet points:

  • Purdue had an extra week to prepare for this game. What would Danny Hope’s team have looked like without the bye week? Because the product that was on display Saturday looked completely unprepared in nearly every facet of the game.
  • 13 penalties equaling more yardage (118 yards) than rushing yards gained (84) further illustrates how under prepared Hope had his team. I expect more penalties than usual when playing Notre Dame (kind of like playing basketball in Bloomington), but this was horrible.
  • Notre Dame rushed the ball 40 times and managed 7.2 yards per carry. This isn’t like rushing 10 times with your YPC being skewed by a long run. FORTY TIMES and they got seven yards or so consistently.
  • Only under Danny Hope can you have a kid start at quarterback and then, in the same game, have him come out with your “second team” at the end of the blowout. Marve has to be the starter next week, right? Nothing against Terbush, he just doesn’t seem to offer what Marve can.
  • Purdue’s two trick plays were interesting ideas, I just question the timing. You run the Siller wildcat play on 3rd-and-10 when you have had NO rushing success all day? And then a wide receiver pass thrown by a guy not named Justin Siller? Just…interesting.
  • I think this pretty much ended any potential thoughts about Ricardo Allen leaving Purdue for the big leagues after this season, right? He’s good and can be great, but has to keep getting better. (edit: As Scott pointed out in the comments, he couldn’t leave for another year anyway.)
  • Purdue faced the nation’s worst team in regards to turning the ball over and forced zero turnovers.

And now, Danny Hope shares his genius: