Danny Hope Shares His Day-After Thoughts


The Boiling Point: Danny Hope met with media today to look back at the Notre Dame game and ahead at the Minnesota game.

Some media members tweeted about his comments after the game:

@GoldBlackCom: #Purdue left the ND game without any major injuries, Coach Danny Hope said Albert Evans (thigh bruise) will be miss Sunday but should be OK

@GoldandBlackcom #Purdue coach Danny Hope said TerBush is the No. 1 QB going into Sunday’s practice. He think TerBush manages the offense well.

@carminjc:Hope said TerBush manages the offense well. Regarding Robert Marve “He made some great throws but didn’t manage the offense all that well.”

@GoldandBlack.com Hope said No. 2 QB Robert Marve made some great throws vs. ND in the #Purdue loss but that he got out of the system some.

@GoldandBlackcom: So who will start for #Purdue in the Big Ten opener vs. Minnesota? Hope said “we’ll wait and see,” but it sounded like TerBush has the edge.

@GoldBlackCom: Hope said #Purdue will address its missed tackles by doing things different in practice, including likely doing more live tackling.

@carminjc:#Purdue coach Danny Hope said Caleb TerBush remains No. 1 QB

@carminjc:Hope on TerBush “It’s hard to get a feel for how well he might have played if he had played more Other than the INT he played awfully well”

@carminjc:Hope said TerBush “played pretty good. He didn’t play enough” #Purdue #Boilermakers

@carminjc:I’m encouraged even though the numbers on the board don’t show it,” Hope said. #Purdue #boilermakers

@carminjc:Hope said offense was out of sync vs. ND. “We’re playing 10 man football. This is the United States — you play 11 man football in America”

@carminjc:Hope said TerBush is “playing better. When you grade them out, he grades out better.” #Purdue #boilermakers

@carminjc:Hope said Marve “got outside of the system at times when he really didn’t have to.” Said Marve didn’t get a lot of reps because he was sick

@carminjc:As far as starter vs. Minnesota, Hope said: “We’ll practice and see how that goes. When we go out there today, Caleb will be No. 1” #purdue