Marve Interviewed By ESPN


The Boiling Point: Purdue quarterback Robert Marve spoke with ESPN about this season.

Robert Marve did a Q-and-A with ESPN’s Adam Rittenberg about this season, with a few question about this weekend’s game specifically. Nothing too revealing or controversial is said, but here’s the link to the original. We’ve posted some of the questions and answers below.

"Is this an opportunity for the Purdue offense to make a statement? RM: It’s a big statement for the team, the program, to see where we’re at. You’ve got to start beating the big dogs, and Notre Dame’s obviously that. I have a lot of respect for them, and hopefully, we can go out there, sling it around a little bit and get a win."

"You’ve been through a lot with the injuries. How has that experience changed you? RM: It’s definitely humbling. You definitely view the game as a game. I felt like when I was a little bit younger, coming out of high school, you see football as your world and your everything. Not that I don’t still love the sport and I love playing it, but you have to understand there’s much more to life than just a football game. And it also brought my family a lot closer. They’re always there for me, and there are a lot of dark days before there are bright days. Hopefully, we get a couple wins."

"Coach [Danny] Hope has been very open about wanting to play two quarterbacks. How do you feel about that? RM: I feel like I’m in a blessed situation. I can’t be real choosy. I’m coming off of two ACLs and all that, so whatever I can do to help out. Last week, it felt good and I felt like I played very well. I’m happy the most that I’m comfortable in the offense now. I can audible out of stuff, I can get the flow of the game a lot better, so I just want to manage the game and whenever my number is called, I’ll be ready."