Gold and Black Game Reminder


The Boiling Point: A reminder about sections for the Gold and Black game.

This Saturday against Notre Dame has been designated the Gold and Black game. 4 groups of sections will alternate the Gold and Black color scheme as you can see above. Let’s actually show that we can do this. Tell everyone you know that is going about it. Do the right thing and spread the word. I know John Purdue Club members should know since I got about 100 emails about it in one day(estimated). This is a gigantic game for Purdue, not to mention what is probably one of the biggest recruiting weekends ever, if not the biggest ever for all Purdue sports. Men’s basketball has highly rated Gary Harris visiting, football has highly rated Deon Bush visiting, even women’s basketball and the like are taking advantage of it.

Gold Sections
Sections 101-105, 116-124
Black Sections
Sections 106-115(student section), 125-129

99% of Purdue fans own some type of a black or gold shirt, probably both. Can be any shade of gold really. Shirts don’t even have to be Purdue themed. If anything else you can buy one of the low priced($12) but high quality themed shirts at a bookstore and the money goes to charity, the 12th Boiler Fund. No excuses and no reasons not to do this if you know about. Just Purdue it. POTFI