Brian Kelly Is An Arrogant Man


The Boiling Point: Brian Kelly called Saturday’s Purdue-Notre Dame game Purdue’s “Super Bowl” in comments Wednesday.

Brian Kelly is fitting in well at Notre Dame. By that I mean Brian Kelly, the guy who was kind of likable at Cincinnati but is suddenly is an arrogant prick that looks like a character from the Willy Wonka movie has gone out of his way to give Purdue some bulletin board material.

I know we’re a little late on this, but Kelly said on Wednesday that Saturday is like the Super Bowl for Purdue (2-1).

"“Oh, this is their Super Bowl,” he said Wednesday. “This is the biggest game on their schedule by far. Again, we’re going to get everybody’s best shot, we know that.”"

Do I really need to point out the obvious fact that Notre Dame is a .500 team that hasn’t won anything since 1988? I guess it didn’t take long for Kelly to buy into that myth that Notre Dame fans hold that their football team is still good/relevant.

For what it’s worth, Purdue’s players have taken notice: