Rivalry Week: Your Daily Reason To Hate Notre Dame


The Boiling Point: Every day this week TheBoilingPoints.com will be bringing you another reason to hate Notre Dame.

As if you needed more reasons to hate Notre Dame, this week TheBoilingPoints.com will be giving you a new reason every day. Click here for yesterday’s reason and here for Monday’s.

Today’s reason is one I’m sure you’re all very familiar with: the usual “God is on our side,” mantra from Notre Dame fans. Today’s exhibit is from a South Bend radio host the day after Michigan State beat Notre Dame with a fake field goal in 2010.

The following video shows that not only are Notre Dame fans already a bunch of pompous jerks who don’t recognize that their team has sucked for the past 15 years, but now they also think there is a greater power on their side as well. May I also add that they think that greater power goes around giving heart attacks to head coaches who beat their team with fake-field goals despite time allegedly running off the clock. This may be one of the most absurd statements I have ever heard in my life.

The part I’m referring to comes in around the 1:14 mark, where the radio host says, “The point I’m trying to get at is you mess around with the Fighting Irish; you cheat on the last play of the game, God is going to get you. Keep that in mind.”