Purdue To Print Student Tickets


The Boiling Point: Purdue Athletics e-mailed students today to notify them that football and basketball tickets will be switched back to printed-ticket form.

Purdue’s experiment with putting tickets on student IDs instead of issuing printed tickets has officially lasted all of two games. The athletics department sent the following e-mail out to students today and also put it on their website. No word on when student tickets need to be picked up by, but it’s nice that they make them so available to students. Oh, wait, you mean they can only be picked up during office hours on weekdays? Well, nevermind then. Anyway, the e-mail:

"Purdue Student Season-Ticket Holder:"

"This email is in response to your feedback on the new student ticket process for this season and the issues many of you have brought to our attention. We are aware of the problems many of you have had gaining entry into the stadium or transferring tickets to friends."

"In order to help alleviate some of these issues, we are offering the opportunity for students to pick up paper tickets for the remainder of the football season. Students may come to the Athletic Ticket Office, located in the Mackey Complex, between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m. Monday through Friday. Students just need to bring their ID’s, and we will reprint the season ticket on normal paper ticket stock and remove the ticket from the student ID. We will not be able to accommodate students on game days, so please find time during the week to come to the ticket office if you would like to receive the paper tickets."

"Additionally, all tickets for men’s and women’s basketball will be issued on paper tickets. Men’s basketball pickup for VIP card holders will start on Oct. 3 in conjunction with the Paint Crew signup. Women’s basketball will be issued to VIP card holders upon request (either all at once or on a per-game basis) beginning Oct. 24."

"Please note that you still will be required to present your Student ID along with the ticket at the gate for admission. Furthermore, if you give your tickets to a non-student that person will be required to come to the Athletic Ticket Office and pay the upgrade charge."

"We appreciate your patience and feedback and thank you for your support of Purdue Athletics."

"Boiler Up!"