Broncos Fans Plan Anti-Orton Billboards


The Boiling Point: Denver Broncos fans are planning on getting two anti-Orton billboards.

The nonsense of thinking Tim Tebow is an NFL caliber quarterback is continuing it seems. A group of Denver Broncos fans are trying to make their displeasure of quarterback Kyle Orton known in a more public way.  Since Denver coach John Fox didn’t hear the chants for Tebow at Monday night’s game, they want to make sure he sees them this time, in the form of two billboards.

"“We believe in Coach Fox. We’re just tired of Kyle Orton,” Jesse Oaks told the Denver Post. “We were sitting around after Fox said he didn’t hear the chants for (Tim) Tebow and we figured if he’s deaf, we hope he’s not blind.”"

Oaks and his group of friends live in Kentucky so I’m not really sure how they became big enough fans to go to this extreme. They said they are using the money they were saving for the Super Bowl in Indianapolis.  Maybe I’m naive, but I don’t think the Super Bowl amounts to the $20,000 they will need to spend on the billboards. Their first problem was even worrying about saving for the Super Bowl anyways if they thought the Broncos were going to make it.

I watched the whole game Monday night and Orton was the least of their worries. As Orton has dealt with in his whole career he doesn’t have a good offensive line, doesn’t have a good running game, and he has never had a legitimate NFL receiving core. His WRs on Monday were dropping pass after pass. I actually hopes Orton gets traded out of Denver.  Give the Broncos fans what they want so they an see how bad of an idea Tebow is.