Purdue Moves Up In Power Rankings


The Boiling Point: Purdue comes in at 10th in ESPN power rankings.

After being ranked at 11 last week, Purdue has moved up one spot to 10 in the ESPN Big Ten power rankings. After the Boilers loss to Rice they switched spots with Minnesota who was ranked 10th last week. Here is what Adam Rittenberg/Brian Bennett had to say about Purdue:

"10. Purdue (1-1): We wanted to drop the Boilers after their loss to Rice but Indiana and Minnesota made that impossible. Carson Wiggs nearly helped Purdue to another dramatic win but his 31-yard field-goal attempt was blocked as time expired as Rice prevailed 24-22. Purdue needs more from its defense and has to avoid the breakdowns that have surfaced too often during coach Danny Hope’s tenure."

Purdue’s next game is against South East Missouri State Saturday at 12pm eastern. I would normally put in a couple thoughts on Purdue in response to the power rankings, but I’m going to wait for our podcast on Thursday.

Only thing I’ll put on here since I’m seeing and hearing it said a ton, is Hope’s timeout usage or time management issue did not affect the game Saturday when it was all said and done. A timeout would not have helped the field goal at the end of the game. They had plenty of time to set up for the kick. A guy I know was a kicker in college and he said everything on that kick was perfect and only reason they looked rushed was because they were running onto/off of the field, like a football player should. Only thing that wasn’t good was the gap in between the center and guard. I’m sure people would have crucified Hope if he left 30 sec on the clock for Rice to try and do something. So pretty much a lose/lose situation.

Make sure to tune into our podcast on Thursday, where many other things will be discussed.