Rice 24, Purdue 22


The Boiling Point: Rice defeated Purdue 24-22 in Houston today after blocking a last-second Carson Wiggs field goal.

I usually try to follow the 48-hour rule when posting about games, but something needed to be put up about this. Purdue traveled to Houston today and had a last-second Cason Wiggs field goal blocked by Rice, resulting in a 24-22 loss to the Owls.

Some quick facts about the game:

  • Prior to the last drive, Ralph Bolden rushed 8 times for 11 yards
  • Bolden began the final drive with three-straight runs, totaling 35 yards
  • Purdue used one timeout in the third quarter and another with four minutes to go in the fourth. The latter came on a 4th and one, where Purdue decided to punt
  • With less than a minute to go, OJ Ross had a clear touchdown path but ran out of bounds after apparently stumbling
  • Purdue converted 6-of-18 3rd down tries

I’ll hold off on most of my thoughts for a day or two, but I simply don’t see how Danny Hope can survive past this season, should it continue the way it appears to be heading. This is the Boilers’ third loss to a non-BCS team in three years under Hope. I’d love to hear Hope supporters’ thoughts on why he should be retained for NEXT WEEK, let alone after this season. I know he has supporters out there, so let’s hear your defense of him.