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Purdue Mentioned In "Waiting List" For ESPN Bottom 10


The Boiling Point: ESPN’s Mark Schlabach mentioned Purdue and Rice in his “Bottom 10 Waiting List.”

Both Rice and Purdue are mentioned in the “Waiting List” for ESPN’s “Bottom 10” feature, where writer Mark Schlabach lists the 10 worst teams in college football. Luckily for the Boilers, it wasn’t the football team that made the list. Instead, it was “Purdue’s home crowd” that made the “Waiting List.” Apparently Schlabach has a much higher tolerance for heat than many Purdue fans.

Rice and Indiana both made the “Waiting List,” but not for reasons like their fan support or uniforms, like Maryland and Georgia made it. No, these two Purdue opponents simply made it because Schlabach thinks their football team sucks. So…yeah. No pressure this weekend, Boilers.

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