Have You Heard The One Where A Future Opponent Blames Its Loss To USF On UFOs?


The Boiling Point: A UFO-spotting website has claimed it spottted UFOs over Notre Dame Stadium when the Irish lost to USF Saturday.

I thought I’d heard it all from Notre Dame fans – the academic standards are too high, the players actually have to go to class and graduate, the officials have it out for them, etc. – but this new potential excuse might actually take the cake. A UFO-sighting website claims to have video evidence of objects flying over ND Stadium during one of the weather delays Saturday.

Now, I have yet to see a Notre Dame person blame the “upset” loss to South Florida on these UFOs yet, but I grew up near South Bend. I know how these people think. The blame will come soon. Trust me. I guess I can’t blame them, I mean who could expect to win with UFOs flying overhead, messing up radio communications, satellite transmissions, the weather and such. And lets not even mention how worked up a UFO would get a stadium…

(PS- Sorry for the Notre Dame-centered blog but I just couldn’t resist.)

(PPS- I love the “Notre Dahm” pronunciation the girl on the video uses, as well as her pause while she looked up where, exactly, “Notre Dahm” is.)

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