2011’s 10 Most Important Purdue Football Players: #2


The Boiling Point: Purdue’s Gerald Gooden checks in at No. 2 of TheBoilingPoint.com’s list of most important football players for the upcoming season.

No. 2 Gerald Gooden
Year: Senior
Position: Defensive End
Number: 2
Key stat: 11- difference in sacks between Gooden (1.5) and former Boiler Ryan Kerrigan (12.5) last year
Analysis: For awhile now Purdue has been known as the “Den of Defensive Ends.” It continued last year with All-American Ryan Kerrigan. Gooden is going to be looking to continue that tradition. It’s almost impossible to replace what Kerrigan accomplished last year. With a pretty much unknown at one defensive end spot, it’s time for Gooden to step up.

The last couple years Gooden has been slowed down by some minor injuries. He has by far the most experience on the defensive line. Arguably he has the most talent as well. What’s holding him back is he hasn’t put that together to reach his potential. Purdue is pretty set at the defensive tackle spot, but having an outside rush from the defensive ends is going to be crucial. This is what makes him our second most important player for the upcoming season. If teams start seeing they can just run to the outside of our defensive tackles, we’ll be in for a long year.

This is part of a daily series that will continue with No. 1 on Saturday. Again, these are the most IMPORTANT players for this upcoming season, not necessarily best. Make sure to check back to follow the list. Also, do you agree or disagree? Let us hear your thoughts.

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