Injury Gone, But Not Henry’s Glove


 The Boiling Point: Purdue’s No. 1 quarterback is still wearing a glove on his throwing hand as a protective measure for the finger he mangled last season.

When Purdue’s fall training camp opened on Saturday, Purdue quarterback Rob Henry was still sporting that infamous glove he wound up wearing most of last season. The glove became a fixture of his uniform after a freak injury to his right index finger suffered against Ohio State. It was essentially a fracture in which the finger nail ripped off and took quite a bit of tissue with it, exposing the bone.

Even though Henry’s completely recovered and is the No. 1 QB on the depth chart, the glove is still being warn as a precaution.

"“It feels like I’ve gotten a shot and it’s numb,” Henry told the Lafayette Journal & Courier on Saturday.. “The nerves are still messed up. If I were to get hit again in the same spot, it would pop right back off.”"

Henry said he’s gotten a firm grip on using the glove and Purdue’s offensive coordinator Gary Nord is just fine with him using it because he’s seen the fingernail, which still sticks up some.