Hummel Cleared To Play


The Boiling Point: Robbie Hummel has completely recovered from his second ACL surgery.

Purdue basketball star Robbie Hummel finally got the clearance to play 5-on-5 Friday after suffering a second ACL tear in the same knee last year, according to’s Jeff Goodman. Hummel had been cleared by the surgeon a while back, but had to pass a series of tests by trainer Tim Grover in Chicago.

On Friday, Hummel passed the final test, one where he had to jump down 3-4 feet off a pad and then explode back into a 42-inch platform.

"“They wanted to minimize my tendinitis and strengthen my leg,” Hummel told Goodman. “He (Grover) wasn’t going to let me play until I passed everything and I respect his opinion.”"

Hummel and his Purdue teammates will return to campus in a couple weeks to get back to work preparing for the upcoming season. It was the first official day of practice last fall when Hummel tore the knee ligament the second time in the calendar year.