Purdue Unveils New Football Uniforms


The Boiling Point: Purdue showcased new football uniforms today.

Picture from Purdue Athletics of all the color options.

After much talk and speculation on what they would look like, Purdue has finally shown what the new Purdue football uniforms will look like.  They are a version of the Nike Pro-Combat uniforms that many other schools across the country are using.

I like them. It’s an updated look with a classic feel.  Looks like there is a black with gold numbers/name and a white with black numbers/name for the jerseys. Black with gold stripe, white with black stripe, and gold with black stripe are the colors for pants. Only criticism is probably could have gone with a better shade of gold for the numbers/names and pants. The helmet also got rid of the white stripe with black stripes on either side in favor of just one solid black stripe.

New helmet courtesy of pictures from Purdue Athletics


According to Purdue Athletics’ Facebook page the new uniforms will be available in youth sizes later next week and adult sizes later this month.

How do you like the new uniforms?  Tell us what you think below.