2011’s 10 Most Important Purdue Football Players: #10


The Boiling Point: Purdue’s Carson Wiggs checks in at No. 10 of TheBoilingPoint.com’s list of most important football players for the upcoming season.

Year: Senior
Position: Kicker
Number: 37
Key stat: He nailed a 67-yard field goal during the spring game.
Analysis: Some of you might ask how a kicker can be one of the 10 most important players on a football team. I say look back no further than Ben Jones in 2004 when he went 10-of-18 for the year, including key misses in games, such as the Kyle Orton fumble game (it was a face mask) against Wisconsin when Jones missed one that would have tied the game late.

Having a consistent field goal kicker is a luxury for a team and Wiggs can be that guy. He is one of the best kickers in the country and has the power to potentially hit a field goal from 70 yards and certainly some from beyond 60. On kickoffs, he has to be accounted for as he throws himself into plays like a linebacker. Look for Wiggs to pin teams back toward their end zones with kickoffs and hit some key field goals this year for the Boilers, which could be the difference in a couple wins. You might even see an NCAA record kick from him this season.

This is part of a daily series that will continue with No. 9 on Friday. Again, these are the most IMPORTANT players for this upcoming season, not necessarily best. Make sure to check back to follow the list. Also, do you agree or disagree? Let us hear your thoughts.