Notre Dame Set as Gold and Black Game


The Boiling Point: Notre Dame football game set as Gold and Black game.

Purdue has seen some shots at their marketing lately, but seems as though they have come up with something that might be good.  They have set up the Notre Dame football game on October 1st as the Gold and Black game.  Above you can get an idea of what it will look like. 

Sections 125-129 wear black, 116-124 wear gold, 105-116(student section) wear black, 101-105 wear gold, and 130-134 wear black.  I personally think it is a good idea.  We’ll see if the older alumni and general public will actually do it since they still haven’t figured out they are supposed to wear black to games after the last 4 years.  Even though social media and the internet are the best ways to market things currently, hopefully they have a huge mail campaign to people who have bought tickets to get the word out.