Painter Impressing Teammates


The Boiling Point: Curtis Painter impressing Colts teammates.

With Peyton Manning recovering from neck surgery, the Colts offense is in former Purdue quarter back Curtis Painter’s hands.  He seems to have proven himself to his Colts teammates. Manning is rarely injured, starting 227 consecutive games since 1998, so back ups don’t get many chances to play unless its in a blowout. 

"“I really wasn’t sure this was going to happen until about the same time you guys all knew, so I’ve spent the last few weeks getting ready to take a lot of reps,” Painter said. “You know, each year in the system, you just get more familiar with it and each year, your confidence grows. Hopefully, I can show that.”"

Painter can’t have a much better mentor though.  Now in his third year he is getting a chance to show what he has learned from Manning. Pro Bowl teammates Reggie Wayne and Dallas Clark said:

"“He’s taken a lot of hits from the media and spectators the last few years,” Wayne said. “I’m a big fan of his. I’m kind of eager to get out there and get some reps with him. Hopefully, we can make something look good.”"

"“We’re just looking for consistency and to get him an opportunity to run the offense,” Pro Bowl tight end Dallas Clark said. “Sorgi had this opportunity a couple of years ago. Curtis is ready. He knows the system, he knows the guys and he has a strong arm. But that (finding replacements) is what this game is about.”"

Hopefully Painter shows what he is capable of and can prove the doubters wrong.  Will help add to the legacies of Purdue quarterbacks in the NFL. Judging from his new haircut he is also continuing the legacy of questionable hair decisions started by Kyle Orton’s neck beard.