Hope Still Plans To Use Two QBs


The Boiling Point: Purdue football coach Danny Hope is still planning to use both Rob Henry and Robert Marve.

Purdue football coach Danny Hope has long talked about how valuable both Rob Henry and Robert Marve are to the Boilers. Well, he re-affirmed that at the first Big Ten media day on Thursday in Chicago. Hope plans on using both quarterbacks this season.

Of course, that’s as long as Marve continues to progress after his ACL surgery last year. Hope said Marve is where he needs to be and will be ready to compete when camp starts in a couple weeks.

"“We have a plan to utilize at least a two-quarterback system some this year,” Hope said. “It won’t be the bread and butter of our offense but it’s certainly something that has great potential. That will be part of the plan, absolutely.”"

Marve started the first four games of last season before tearing that ACL. Henry started seven games under center, but battled a finger injury that forced him to miss some playing time. Both Sean Robinson and Justin Siller also got a start.

“A lot of people talk about, if you don’t have a starter, you don’t have a quarterback,” Hope said. “I disagree. We have two really good quarterbacks, both guys are great players, great people, they’re exceptionally talented and they really want to win.”

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Her’s a link to complete transcripts from coaches at Thursday’s Big Ten media day.