Hummel Ranked 12th


The Boiling Point: Robbie Hummel ranked 12th best D-1 basketball player.

Drew Cannon of Basketball Prospectus came out with his Top 100 Division One players.  He has Purdue Senior Robbie Hummel coming in at 12.  After not playing for a season and a quarter that’s a pretty good ranking.  I think he is definitely one of the best college players, but am surprised that some one finally has come out and said it nationally.  On the Dan Dakich Show today he said he will be resuming full contact soon.  Since there hasn’t been a point to start that yet, he said he might as well not rush things.  Cannon’s rankings comprise of 10 freshman, 28 sophomores, 29 juniors, and 33 seniors.  By position there are 25 point guards, 22 shooting guards, 13 small forwards, 24 power forwards, and 16 centers.  Here is what Cannon had to say about Robbie:

"12. Robbie Hummel, Purdue (Sr., PF)It’s really strange to me that Hummel was a unanimous preseason All-America pick ten months ago, but I’ve heard few people throw his name into that discussion for this year. I’m not saying that’s wrong — the poor kid keeps tearing the same ACL — but it is unusual. Usually season-long injuries are treated as if a player got in a time machine and skipped a year. That’s probably wrong, although I’m largely treating Hummel that way here. (I’m adding this to my list of “things to look into.” How do players bounce back after an injury redshirt?) Hummel comes back from injury to find a Purdue team without career-long teammates JaJuan Johnson and E’Twaun Moore. For the first time in his college life he’ll be the focal point of the opposing defense. Instead of some of the opposition’s imagination being used to combat Johnson and Moore, Hummel’s top two teammates will probably be Ryne Smith and Lewis Jackson. Finally, two things you may have forgotten while Hummel’s been away: He never, ever turns the ball over, and he shot 90 percent from the free throw line."