New Basketball Court Design Unveiled


The Boiling Point: Design for Purdue’s new basketball court released.

The new “Keady Court”

Purdue has released the new design of the basketball court. Judging from the feed back from when they put it out on Facebook it is being well received.  Good way to get immediate feedback and it looks like almost all of it is positive.  Personally, I like the new design a lot. The court has a classic look and there isn’t too much going on. It will still be called “Keady Court”.  His name will grace the court on either side of center court, with his signature being added to it as well.

You’ll notice there isn’t writing on the sides of the court this time.  It probably has to do with the fact that the benches will be closer to the playing area as well as the addition of court side seats.  Based on the positive reactions, look for this to be pretty much the final design. Can’t go back to the old one like with Purdue Pete.