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2012 Recruit Kyle Molock Decommits


The Boiling Point: 2012 basketball recruit decommits.

After being committed to the Boilermakers since just after his freshman year of high school, 2012 basketball recruit Kyle Molock has decommitted from Purdue. He has been out the majority of the last two years with a knee injury. The decision is interesting since just less than two weeks ago he tweeted that he had a great conversation on the phone with Purdue coach Matt Painter.

"“I just think so much has changed since he committed after his freshman year,” Molock’s high school coach Jamey Collins said. “There have been some coaching changes and some roster changes since then at Purdue, and I think it just may not be the best fit for him anymore.”"

With fellow point guards Ronnie Johnson (2012) and Bryson Scott (2013) now in the picture since Molock first verballed, he may have thought he was going to see his playing time decrease. With the way Painter likes to use his guards in his system, if Molock came back to how good he is supposed to be I think he could have seen playing time, but who knows?

Now to the question everyone wants answered, which you may have skipped the the beginning of this just to see. Does this mean Purdue will get 2012 target Gary Harris? This doesn’t mean the highly-ranked Harris is coming to West Lafayette, but it’s just another selling point that we have a spot open for him now. Yes the team would still be over by one player in 2013, but we’d be able to sign everyone in 2012 without stepping into over-signing territory.

Another player Purdue has been heavily targeting is 2012 post player, A.J. Hammons. It’s been thought that before Molock decommitted, if we lost on the Harris sweepstakes, we’d go all-in for Hammons. Now that Molock is no longer in the picture, will Painter go after both? That will remains to be seen.

It should be an interesting next couple of months in the recruiting world.