Mackey Arena’s Court Needs Replacing


The Boiling Point: Keady Court in Mackey Arena to be replaced.

Current Keady Court in Mackey Arena

The mid-west has been hammered by storms this spring and beginning of summer. Purdue basketball’s home, Mackey Arena, has took a hit as a result of that. During and after a huge storm in West Lafayette, IN, water seeped into Mackey Arena. With the renovation going on and it raining non-stop the floor became warped. This is what associate athletics director, Tom Schott, told WFLI18 in Lafayette:

"“A lot of things are going on at Mackey, and a new floor was going to be part of it. We planned to wait a year, because the new tunnel was going to be a part of it, but that’s a minor obstacle we’ll have to overcome. Again timing is everything. The Big Ten has a new logo, so we’ll be able to incorporate the new logo a year earlier than we would have been able to,” Schott told the station."

Hopefully the court doesn’t end up looking like Oregon’s. I like how Keady Court is currently. The only thing I would change is maybe a lighter color wood and use the Purdue “P” as the center logo instead of the train it currently has. The train logo just seems to have too much going on; the “P” would be a cleaner look.

What would you want the new court to look like? Let us know in the comments below.