JJ and E’Twaun on Same NBA Team?


The Boiling Point: Could JaJuan Johnson and E’twuan Moore end up on the same NBA team?

The official on line blog for the Bulls, BullsConnect, says it’s a possibility JaJuan Johnson and E’Twaun Moore both end up with the Chicago Bulls. According to them, and as a Bulls fans I’d agree, their two biggest needs right now are SG(by far biggest need) and a stretch 4/5. Well it turns out pretty convenient that Purdue has produced those two exact needs for the same draft.

They have Moore as their 2nd prospect for back-court players behind Providence’s Marshon Brooks. They have JJ as their second front-court prospect behind Richmond’s Justin Harper. Interestingly enough, JJ and Harper have been at numerous workouts together, and by all accounts JJ has done better.

The Bulls have the 28th, 30th, and 40th picks in this years draft. They could conceivably be taken with the 28th and 30th picks, making them both first rounders. Here is the writer’s preference on what to do with that 28th pick:

"If I had my preference, I would like to see the Bulls’ management draft E’Twaun Moore and Justin Harper, but at the same time trade for either Nick Young, Arron Afflalo or Marshon Brooks with the intention of having either one of them be the starting SG. Nick Young, Arron Afflalo and Marshon Brooks can all create their own shot and hit 3 pointers. I have no doubt that anyone of those three guys could help take some offensive pressure off Derrick Rose during the playoffs, Nick Young especially.As for E’Twaun Moore and Justin Harper, both those guys can score and defend. They have high basketball IQ’s and great off the court character. I fully endorse them coming to the Bulls on draft day. They are the type of players a team needs to win it all.When I think of E’Twaun Moore, I think of championship players like Danny Ainge, Sam Cassell, BJ Armstrong and Lindsey Hunter . When I think of Justin Harper, I think of championship players like Robert Horry, James Posey and Toni Kukoc.Ultimately, I hope the Bulls’ management makes the right decisions, so the Bulls can become NBA champions once again."

The NBA draft is a little less than two weeks away on June 23rd. Looks as though we will see both of their names on the TV that night.