Bade Leaving Basketball Team


The Boiling Point: Purdue big man, Patrick Bade, will be leaving Purdue’s basketball team

Hopefully we’ll see these hops on the football field

Junior to be Patrick Bade will be leaving the Purdue basketball team to join the Purdue football team. There has been no official statement yet, but word has spread like wild fire since early afternoon and there have been no denials yet. tweeted this recently:

"If all goes as expected, junior Patrick Bade will leave #Purdue basketball team and join #Boilermakers football team. Not finalized yet."

"Would liked to have waited for finalization on the news in the prior tweet, but word has spread and is being attributed to us anyway, so …"

Bade is expected to be a TE for the team; a position in need of major help. OL would be the other option but there is not enough time to put on the weight he would need for that.

Out of high school Bade was a decently recruited prospect for football. He had gotten letters from Ohio St, Notre Dame, and USC. Too bad he missed out on the free cars….It is hard to say how far his recruitment would have gone with football since he stopped playing after his junior year, effectively halting any major pursuers.

This move also results in Purdue being able to have all 2012 recruits join the team. They would have been over-signed by one(which is allowed), but someone would have had to leave before the season started. However, they are still will be over-signed by one for the 2013 season, with numerous scenarios that could happen to solve that.