Ray Edwards Wins Boxing Debut


The Boiling Point: Former Purdue defensive end Ray Edwards won his first boxing match of his career on Friday.

With the NFL amidst a lockout, former Purdue defensive end and current Viking Ray Edwards took a turn inside the boxing ring on Friday and won his first ever boxing match. Edwards earned a unanimous decision after a four-round bout against former amateur kickboxer T.J. Gibson. Edwards put Gibson to the mat twice during the fight.

Edwards scored knockdowns in the first and fourth rounds.

"“A little rougher than I expected, but I wrestle 300-pound guys all day so I’m used to it, guys trying to be rough,” Edwards said, according to the Star Tribune of Minneapolis."

Reportedly, Edwards was guaranteed $5,000 and 50 percent of the ticket sales for the fight. If the lockout continues, Edwards’ next fight will take place.