The Boiling Point: 2012 men's basketball..."/> The Boiling Point: 2012 men's basketball..."/>

The Forgotten Man?


The Boiling Point: 2012 men’s basketball recruit Kyle Molock will be aiming to prove he belongs in the highly-touted Purdue recruiting class.

This spring and summer has been a recruiting whirlwind for Purdue basketball. One recruit that seems to have been lost in the talk is 2012 recruit Kyle Molock.

Molock has been committed for quite some time to Purdue, which always plays a factor in being lost in the world of recruiting, especially to fans waiting and talking about who the next big name will be. In addition to that, he has also been out of action for quite some time with a knee injury.

Molock will return this June to the AAU circuit, trying to show that he still belongs with this highly-touted 2012 class. Below is a video of highlights from his freshman season: