The Boiling Point: The 2012 class for Purdue&..."/> The Boiling Point: The 2012 class for Purdue&..."/>

2012 Basketball Recruiting Class Ranked 9th


The Boiling Point: The 2012 class for Purdue’s mens basketball team is ranked 9th in the country came out with their top 10 recruiting classes for 2012 today. Purdue was 9th in these rankings.

"Simpson provides the size for Matt Painter‘s class. Davis is a terrific shooter with a solid all-around game as a shooting guard. Johnson is a steady point guard whose stock is on the rise."

Their class consists of Jay Simpson (ranked 91st best prospect), Rapheal Davis(95), Ronnie Johnson (120), and Kyle Molock (un-ranked). Molock dropped out of their most recent rankings after being injured the majority of this past year. He will return to playing in June. When all said and done, all recruits could move up exponentially by the end of the season. Simpson needs to be more consistent, Davis is just competing with other high rated guards in Indiana but his high level of consistency can move him up, Johnson is just starting to get noticed, and Molock was injured and can make a come back with good play this year. The Boilers are also in play for Gary Harris and AJ Hammons, both who would move up the Boilers in the rankings.

The Big Ten has the most teams in the top 10 with Indiana at 1, Michigan St at 3, and Michigan at 8 in addition to the Boilers. Purdue is currently over committed by one player but that doesn’t become an issue until signing day. NCAA Rules allow you to over-sign by one player, but someone has to leave to open up that spot by the time the season starts. Currently, if Matt Roth is given his fifth year, Indiana would need 3 current players to leave in order to sign all their commits. Should be an interesting year.